New Advisory Board highlights student voice, input

Zach Ross

Since taking over as superintendent of Clark County Schools, Dustin Howard’s leadership can only be described as electric.

One of his latest moves is to commission an all-student advisory board. Bringing together students from all areas of GRC, he has constructed an all-star team that brings to light student opinions.

I have had the pleasure of being selected for this board, along with members of the Student Council, basketball teams, JROTC, and everyday student leaders. The team is truly a mixing pot that takes advantage of ideas and experiences.

As a board, we first acknowledged the great things that go on in our school. There was an extensive list on the amount of opportunities and valuable experiences the school has to offer.

However, we also shone a light on the things we believe student input could help amend.

While issues students believe are important aren’t going to be solved overnight, that is the reason for the creation of this board.

As students, we have seen the issues that we wish would change, and the superintendent has given us a safe place to address these concerns and come up with solutions.

Additionally, the student advisory board was able to give input on new menu items.

From mouth-watering three cheese macaroni to an all new white chicken chili, the Clark County Food Services served in more ways than one.

While the Food Services staff presented at our first meeting, the student board has met with many more district officials.

Mayor JoEllen Reed, the city commissioners, and members of the Board of Education have been special guests for the meetings, letting the students on the board discover what goes on behind the scenes in Clark County.

The passion that Supt. Howard has for the students in Clark County is evident after the instatement of this new student board. Once again, Mr. Howard brings the thunder.

Supt. Dustin Howard has created a Student Advisory Board to gather ideas and input. (Photo by Joby Mitmesser)