Smoke Signals paints huge mural downtown; holds video shoot

Some members of our team braved the cold and did a video shoot with our basketball teams last night in front of a background we created downtown.

Shoutout to Liam Parido, Ava Woolum, Marissa Gilchrist and Ruthie Houston for their work last night.

Shoutout to Marissa and Ruthie who painted the amazing mural by hand a few weeks ago (UNREAL!).

Shoutout to Kirk Gilchrist and Mac McCrary who allowed us to paint the side of their Euro-Werks building.

Shoutout to Nora Houston for providing pizza and drinks.

Shoutout to all the Hoops and WinCity players who showed up to be a part.

It was cold but oh so fun!

Be on the lookout for the photo and video results of last night’s epic experience. #TheTeamBehindTheTeam