Vain Valentine’s Day: The worst holiday

Eli Roach

February 14. Our culture puts a name to this day that supposedly makes it significant. But the reason for its significance is honestly, unreasonable. In case you didn’t recognize it yet, this dreaded day is Valentine’s Day. 

The entire point of Valentine’s Day is to show appreciation to someone that’s close to you, but you shouldn’t need a holiday to do that. If you are actually appreciative of someone, you should show them that every day. 

Valentine’s Day is a very over commercialized holiday. The only real benefit of Valentine’s Day comes from the companies that sell candies, stuffed bears, and flowers. They rake in money because of people that go out of their way to find a gift for someone, when it would mean more if they did it out of the goodness of their heart, not because of some trivial holiday. 

For those that get sucked into this wretched tradition of buying gifts and candy, they will soon realize that the gifts and nice treats are not even that helpful to your relationship. You are pressured to buy the perfect gift or make the perfect gesture, when in reality all you are doing is spending a ridiculous amount of money and putting unnecessary stress on yourself. 

Adding to the stress is the problem of finding a place to eat dinner. Many people want to sit down and have dinner at the end of the day, but that makes it extremely difficult to find a place to eat. Making a reservation becomes way more difficult when everyone wants to dine at the same time on the same dreadful day. 

Valentine’s Day also leaves out those who don’t have a day to share it with. There is nothing wrong with being single, and quite frankly it has its perks, but not on this day. Those who don’t have a “Valentine” go about their day as they would any other, going through their daily routines. These people also have to avoid social media for the next few days, unless they want to see a post from everyone they know and what they got from their Valentine. 

The best course of action would be to get rid of Valentine’s Day altogether. If we took Valentine’s Day off the calendar, we would save America’s around $30 billion annually. So as an improvement to society, we should delete this overrated holiday.