Wealth in wellbeing: The importance of self care

Skylynn Burnam

Spending time away with your mind and body can be a task that gets swept under the rug for months or even several years. Being aware of stress levels can be a saving grace to your overall health and career.

The stress of life can seem to show up in ways that can shake a person’s perception on life and perseverance. Self care is a topic that isn’t seen to be as important anymore.

We are all racing to beat deadlines and strive to reach the highest and the best, and after a while it begins to gray and boggle our minds.

Before you know it we seem to have sudden spikes of health issues, migraines, maybe even overwhelming amounts of sadness, or the big bummer — BURNOUT!

An unappealing season of life may be because of burnout. This is a sensation that seems to cycle around a long period where life feels repetitive. When dealing with these emotions you may even feel waves of discouragement.

Do you feel as if your life and mind is being tackled? When we are overloaded with stress we lose track of creativity and become confused on what can make life enjoyable. Overall lack of self care is a huge building block for stress to flourish freely.

Daily we are in need of strong individuals to get the job done or to make proper living situations for our families. When burnout happens it’s easier for people to drop passions and become susceptible to procrastination. The ultimatum of this increases ultimate distress in daily tasks.

When people experience stress it doesn’t always have to make a person emotional. Stress can cause real life illnesses that can deteriorate your life even more. These conditions include,high blood pressure,diabetes,gastrointestinal problems,obesity,and depression.

Understanding health issues is so important. Seeking a trusted physician is a part of self care. Being able to have an outlet to learn about your personal heath is the perfect avenue to build yourself up. After all you may begin to feel better when you shine light on the things that have been cramped under the rug for so long.

Activities like journaling, adventures in nature or even volunteering in your community can bring sparks that can keep your spirits lifted and your mind sharp.It is so important to realize that time for your body is possible.

Without being in a rushed mindset or busting your budget, self care is possible. Finding new passions like spending time in nature or just simply celebrating your life can impact your wellbeing in a positive way. What’s the highway that you are willing to take to feel free in your mind?

Sunlight is a viable gift that we don’t take in enough. It helps our minds produce a nutritious energy and a viable chemical called serotonin. Serotonin (hydroxytryptamine) plays major roles in mood and behavior.

Increasing your mind’s creativity can be a vessel that makes you a stronger individual and can help destroy burnout and overall frustration with the challenges life can bring.

Never doubt the importance of self expression and giving back to the body that gives you the power to work through the tough stuff.

Wealth can be created through your well being.