NTI days are a perk

Clay Turley, Multimedia Staff

Clay Turley

Summertime: the sun is beating on your face while you lie at the pool with an ice cold Ale-8 in your hand. Every morning you sleep in until you wake yourself up, not relying on the alarm clock to rudely awaken you for another schoolday. Your afternoon consists of whatever activities you desire. 

This oasis could be could be taken away for a period of time if it wasn’t for one factor: NTI days. These days make it possible for us to have the maximum amount of summer we can. Without NTI days, we would have to make up every single snow day, therefore extending the amount of days we are in school during the summer. 

While these non-traditional instruction days have multiple benefits, students of our generation have a negative connotation for them. This is largely due to the amount of NTI days we endured during quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic. Students despised this time, the repetitive nature of having zoom calls every single day, and look down on NTI days because of it. However, the maximum amount of these days that we can have now, post quarantine, is only 10. These days will also more than likely occur days apart from each other, making NTI  more tolerable than how it was in the past. 

With only 10 days of NTI on the table, the pros obviously outweigh the cons. First of all, like previously mentioned, summer will last longer. We won’t be stuck in school for as long as we would if NTI wasn’t an option. I think I speak for the majority of students  when I say less school is always a plus.

Second, NTI days also benefit our teachers. It allows for their everyday lesson plans to proceed uninterrupted. Classes will flow more smoothly because the teachers aren’t trying to catch their students up on a few days of missing content. This also benefits students as we won’t be scrambling to make up work that could have been done during an NTI day.

So, students, before you shake your head and complain about being assigned a day of NTI, remember the good that comes from it. If you love summer and not having to make up work, you should not be making a fuss about NTI days, but rather rejoicing the fact that one has been presented to you.