Teacher on the Move – Ms. Bennett makes impact at GRC and RDC


Photo by Zach Ross

Ms. Bennett works with GRC Women’s Choir and also directs choir at RDC.

Cardinals have been known for being one of the few types of birds to not migrate south for the winter. Even so, there are a few cardinals that migrate around our school district.

The Clark County school district is fortunate enough to have teachers who are willing to go from school to school in a single day, teaching not only high school students, but spreading their expertise to the younger pupils.

Most educators are known for staying at one respective school, whether that’s teaching at the high school, junior high, intermediate or one of the numerous elementary schools in our district.

However, there are some cases in which an educator’s needs go further than one school. Ms Bennett is a prime example of just that.

Holly Bennett teaches women’s choir at GRC before she heads over to RDC where she teaches guitar, theater, and choir classes. On top of all that, she also directs the musical at the junior high.

“I think that my favorite part about working at two schools is that while I get to build a foundation in middle school, I can continue to build that foundation through high school,” Bennett says.

Clark County has had several teachers that have experienced the stress of several job locations. From orchestra to ag to health to choir, there are a few who have the level of expertise that is beneficial to more than one age group.

But despite all the challenges, there are some great benefits to being able to work with the same students you have had for years.

“I think that it’s really cool that we get to work together for that long and I get to see them progress all the way to senior year,” says Bennett. “I think that all in all they get to make even better music because we stay as a pack.”

Ella Howton, a choir student who had Ms Bennett at both RDC and now at GRC, agrees on the importance of having those previously built relationships.

“Having the same teacher going from one school to another builds trust,” Howton says. “I know that if I need anything I can come to her. I have continued to learn from her while also building a relationship with her.”

While challenging, we have nothing but appreciation for our teachers who have dedicated their time moving from school to school.