Scooter’s Coffee opens in Winchester Oct. 31

Scooters Coffee opens in Winchester Oct. 31

A new drive-thru only coffee shop opens in Winchester Monday. Scooter’s Coffee is a national chain that was founded in 1998 and as of 2022 they are approaching 500 locations across the U.S.

Scooter’s is opening five locations in Kentucky, starting with Winchester, Richmond, Georgetown, and two in Lexington.

The location in Winchester opens Monday, October 31st, and several GRC students will be working there.

“Several other GRC students and I are working hard every day to make opening day as successful as possible,” says junior Allie Randall. 

Scooter’s is located in the Colby Station shopping center at the corner of Bypass Road and Colby Road. They will be open 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The menu will include traditional coffee drinks, espresso, iced coffee, frozen coffee, and teas. They also offer eat-on-the-go foods such as breakfast sandwiches, burritos, muffins, and other pastries. 

This new shop is a great opportunity for high school students to find a job if they want to and gain experience in the workforce. 

“We are still open to hiring and over 75 percent of our staff already is high school students,” says Scooter’s General Manager Hannah Tipton. “I want this job to be an opportunity to help high school students learn and gain experience to help them later on in life.”

Many GRC students are already hired at Scooter’s new location and are very excited for their new job. 

“Scooter’s has a really uplifting environment and I can’t wait for everyone else to experience it,” Allie says. “I look forward to the time management, leadership, and teamwork skills I’m going to get through this job.” 

All the employees can’t wait to use the foundation and core values of Scooter’s to make the experience as easy and fun as possible for all of Winchester. 

“Scooter’s has three amazings — amazing people, amazing drinks, and amazingly fast,” says Tipton. “Scooter’s core values are integrity, love, humility, and courage. My coworkers and I plan to use those values and make this community feel like our family.”