‘Halloween Ends’ a disappointing finale

Warning: Spoiler Alert!!


Owen Rainey

Evil finally dies with the newest entry in the Halloween series, “Halloween Ends.”

After 44 years, since the original Halloween, the newest timeline finally comes to its conclusion. I recently had the opportunity to watch “Halloween Ends” and, for the most part, it was pretty boring. I expected a lot more from the supposed end of such a long franchise.

The movie follows Laurie and Allyson, as they deal with Michael and a new character, Corey, who go around killing more people.

The movie tries to fit too many ideas into itself. It feels cluttered and messy, something the series is not foreign to.

A majority of the movie is dedicated to Corey becoming “The new Michael Myers,” only for it to ultimately go nowhere and abruptly stop before the end of the movie.

I like the idea, but it should have been saved for a different movie.

Now I’ve been pretty harsh thus far, but the movie does do some things right.

Jamie Lee Curtis delivers an outstanding performance, as usual, and absolutely steals any scene she’s in. She always adds so much depth to the character, and really makes us feel how tragic her life has been.

As unnecessary as I think Corey is, Rohan Campbell does a pretty solid job. He’s awkward, but has an edge to him that makes me feel like he could blow up at any point. Which is exactly what the character was supposed to be.

And the last 15 minutes are exactly what I wanted the whole movie to be — a final face-off between Michael and Laurie. It’s tense, emotional, and has some pretty great choreography.

We finally get to see Laurie bury her demons by killing Michael in an amazing send off to such an iconic character.

Overall I was left disappointed, but I still enjoyed the movie as a whole.

It’s your typical horror slasher, but with more interesting and iconic characters.