World Cup is a must-watch


Beginning November 20th, the biggest sporting event in the world will take place in Qatar: The 2022 World Cup. With the World Cup only happening once every four years, anticipation is through the roof and fans can’t wait for the opening kick-off. 

The competition will have 32 teams/countries split into 8 groups which will decide who makes it to the single-elimination tournament. Every group has 4 teams, with each one playing every other team in their group to see who advances. The two teams out of each group that perform the best will advance to the next round so that there are 16 teams entering the single-elimination round. 

Once out of the group stages, it’s win or go home. The pressure is mounting, and every fan representing their country will be on the edge of their seats for the entire 90 minutes of the game.

France is looking to defend their title of World Champions while powerhouse teams such as Belgium, England, and Germany try to prevent this from happening. Underdogs also have their eye on the prize with nations including the Netherlands and Denmark making sure no one is underestimating them. 

Alongside the Netherlands and Denmark on the underdog list is your very own United States of America. Fans are looking forward to seeing the Americans play and having a country of their own to root for. The American players, on the other hand, are looking to prove to everyone on the globe that they have what it takes to beat the best.

The USA enters their first World Cup since 2014 looking for redemption. The Americans suffered a crushing 2-1 defeat in extra time to Belgium in the round of 16. A win would have seen them through to the quarterfinals where they would’ve played Lionel Messi and the Argentines. Four years later, the USA failed to qualify for the World Cup, only fueling their drive to succeed in this year’s competition. 

While the USA is considered an underdog team, there is hope for them to make a long run this year. The amount of young talent throughout the team is way higher than we have seen in the past with players that compete in the best leagues in the world. 

Brendon Aaronson, Weston McKennie, and Daryl Dike are a few examples of young American players making their mark on the big stage. Each of these players have accomplished major feats in Europe and made their name known. These along with other players blasting onto the scene can help boost the USA to success. 

The biggest name, and the leader of the team, is Chrsitian Pulisic. He is such a vital part of the team that he has adopted the nickname “Captain America.” He can be the deciding factor that pushes the USA farther than they have ever been.

Pulisic plays for the Premier League team Chelsea, one of the biggest clubs in the world. Chelsea won last year’s Champions League tournament and established themselves as the best club team on the planet. Pulisic helped contribute to this feat, scoring goals and providing assist on the regular to lift the trophy. 

With Pulisic’s leadership and the amount of young talent on the team, the USA could surprise the world and get far in the tournament. The sky is the limit. They will face England, Wales, and Iran in the group stage to begin their run for the coveted World Cup Trophy. 

Additionally, the 2022 World Cup will be one of the most memorable World Cups to have ever taken place. Regardless of the victor, this tournament will go down in history for one simple fact: it marks the end of an era. 

This World Cup will be the last one for legends of the game that have impacted the sport of soccer. Icons such as Neymar Jr, Luis Suarez, Luka Modric, Sergio Ramos, and many more will compete in their last-ever World Cup. The saddest to be leaving, however, are the two players debated in the GOAT (greatest of all time) discussion: Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. 

Ronaldo and Messi have together revolutionized the soccer world. They combined to win 12 Ballon Dor’s (trophy that announces them to be the best player in the world for a certain year). Little kids grew up watching and idolizing them. From copying free kicks and dribbling skills to buying countless jerseys, everyone wanted to be just like them. But all good things must come to an end, and this it for the two best players that have ever lived. With neither of them having won the World Cup in the past, they are looking to add one more feat to their resumes and go out with bang.

Whether you’re an American excited to see your country fight to win, a soccer aficionado, or just a sports fan in general, this world cup is a must-watch. It will be the talk of the world for some time to come and you do not want to miss out. Grab a bag of popcorn, turn on the TV, put on your best jersey, and enjoy the show!