‘The Forever Story’ is one of best albums of 2022

Album Review by Hayden Cecil

Hayden Cecil

JID recently released his third studio album with The Forever Story. JID has been making a name for himself recently with solid albums, great success on features, and his work on the last two Dreamville albums.

This album acts as a follow up to his previous 2018 album DiCaprio 2. I really enjoyed that album and it was one of the best in a loaded year of music. I had high hopes going into this project and wasn’t disappointed. 

The intro Raydar is fantastic. JID comes in early delivering an excellent delivery while providing an array of his signature flow switches. All of which he capitalizes on effortlessly. I really liked the instrumental on this song. During the song there was a beat switch that I loved. I prefer the second half of the song as it adds onto an already great song. 

The next song,  Dance Now is a hit. From a catchy chorus and memorable verses it’s fantastic. I personally liked the Ja Morant bar that he made. Up and coming artist Kenny Mason also had an excellent feature on the chorus. The message of the song is great. The song talks about not going to the devil with all of the chaos and realizing that everything is in his hands. I constantly play this in the car and is one of my favorite songs of the year.

After a great start we were left with great album cuts up until the ninth song Sistanem. I particularly loved the structure of the song. Each verse is a different part of his life. He talks about his faith, family and his relationship with his sister at the time. I also loved the James Blake and Yuli feature on the chorus offered an extra layer to an already beautiful song. Everything was great and then the song is elevated to another level with a beautiful outro over string instruments and backing vocals.

The next song Can’t Make U Change is a great song and offers a great message. The song talks about not being able to change people and how it hurts you. It also talks bout accountability which I really like. Ari Lennox, rising r&b artist offers an excellent feature and also has a great album that was just released. I loved the sample and  the second half of the song best.

Overall I was really blown away with this album. It was near perfect top to bottom. All of the songs offered something different and thats what I really enjoyed. The production was excellent all performances were great and left me entertained and wanting more. 

JID also had an excellent choice when choosing features. Each artist that he brought on offered something new and added something to the song. I enjoyed the 21 Savage feature and Lil Wayne features the most. 

While I think it will be a little while before his next album, JID offers so much with this album to keep me entertained. This is one of the best albums of the year. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone. I would give this album a 9/10.