Emmys Fashion Review 2022

What was a hit and what was a complete miss

The Emmys is one of the biggest events for the American and International Television industry, but it is also one of the first events designers showcase their new designs of the season. 

I’m sure not everyone has been able to study all of the latest hot-takes in fashion, but do not fear – I’m here to give all of you the rundown. 

(Disclaimer- These reviews are just my personal opinion and only a few of the amazing outfits from the night.)

Even Though all these outfits are amazing and unique in their own way there is only one look that can come out on top.  Here are my final rankings of the five looks I reviewed. 

1-Zendaya (Valentino)

2-Elle Fanning (Sharon Long)

3-Lily James (Versace)

4-Nicholas Houltn (Dior)

5-Andrew Garfield (ZEGNA)