BedHeads get international recognition


Photo by Zac Cowan

Joby Mitmesser, Eli Roach, Clay Turley and Ryan Jackson were recognized this summer in front of thousands of teens at a Christ in Youth conference.

The BedHeads, a community service group made up of GRC students, have devoted a majority of their time for the better of others, by preparing beds for kids who don’t have them.

This past summer, their work was not only a community recognized organization, but an international one.

The BedHeads spent time filming videos to be featured at CIY, or Christ In Youth. 

CIY is an international organization that has tons of locations, and their program reaches crowds of people. Tons of churches gather for CIY conferences, leaving memorable experiences for thousands.

“The general experience of CIY is pretty great. We learn a lot of good messages about God and our life in general that help us grow to be better people,” shares junior Joby Mitmesser. “It’s also a really fun experience when we get to go to the campus because we get to have a lot of free time and opportunities to do things we wouldn’t usually do.” 

CIY plays “Kingdom Worker” videos every year, highlighting young people who are doing community work for the good of others.

In summer right before this school year, our local BedHeads got the honor of having their story shared with the world

“This was a really great experience because moving forward we’re hoping to be able to spread BedHeads to other counties,” explains junior Ryan Jackson. “Being able to be broadcast all over the country like this is a really big next step for that. We’re really excited moving forward because the video will continue to help us grow everywhere.”

The Bed Heads are introduced at the CIY conference.

The filming process for this was exciting, but the BedHeads knew the task at hand was very important, so they had to show determination to complete the videos and share important information while also being entertaining for future viewers. 

“The process of filming took place over three to four days,” says junior Christian Ison. “It was an all-day thing and we wanted to put in as much effort as we could and make it as good as possible to get the best production, and I think we really did. I was excited to see the results.” 

Receiving this coverage had a lot of pressure, but being able to see their video presented made it all well worth it, especially with their important message to share. 

“This was definitely a lot of pressure because our video was shown to so many kids around the nation,” says junior Clay Turley. “So that’s obviously a lot of pressure because you don’t want to mess up or sound stupid. At the same time we had to do it to raise recognition throughout the country that there are people in need in every community out there, so we were just trying to inspire some people to help out their community.”

Since four of the five BedHeads were at one of the CIY locations, they were able to see their video in person, and also get up on the stage after their video was played, and share a little bit more of their mission. 

“You could see all the work we put in and all the days of filming came into one video and that was really cool to see,” shares junior Eli Roach. “Then, we also got called onto stage and it was kind of a heat of the moment thing; they grabbed us from the crowd and pulled us backstage and talked to us for a few minutes and told us what we would be doing, then we went up on stage and saw thousands of people in the audience and it was really awesome to just be up there for the whole experience.”

With their video being played and showing the true need for more Kingdom Workers in the world, the BedHeads were rightfully recognized for the dedication they’ve had to keep providing beds for children in need.

Many people were moved by their uplifting story, and were hopefully moved to do some good in their own communities.

These five GRC juniors are showing light to the true importance of community service, and thousands will know what they’ve done for the better of the world.