GRC baseball senior is thrown a curveball


Photo by Cameron Anderson

Grayson Gough, a senior catcher for GRC baseball, defied the odds after a serious leg injury.

Grayson Gough has always been known for his quiet strength.

But that strength could no longer be quiet after a catastrophic leg injury in 2019 changed his life.  

Enduring a three-hour surgery and months of therapy, Grayson emerged back on the field, defying doctors through his determination, strength, and faith. He is catching in the 2022 season as a senior, something many thought would never happen.

“I run to first and the base slides out.  My leg straightened. In that moment, I knew I broke something,” says Grayson. “Then I blacked out….  The next thing I know, I’m in the truck headed to the hospital.” 

But little did Grayson know that his injury was almost unheard of. Refusing any pain medication, Grayson and his family prayed and called on friends for prayers as he endured the aching for 12 long hours. Meanwhile the UK hospital medical team researched the injury.

“Before the surgery, I was actually very calm because I trusted that it would all work out,” Grayson says.  “I don’t think I was ever really nervous at all until I went into the pre op room, but still I was almost excited to work back to where I was.”

Despite Grayson’s excitement, the doctors had little hope of him playing baseball again. 

Grayson Gough (Photo by Cameron Anderson)

“I don’t think they knew what he would be able to do because they had no medical data to base it on,” explains Grayson’s mom, Kari Gough, but doctors told him that if he got to play, he wouldn’t be catcher again.  His knee would never be the same.

But Grayson wouldn’t lose hope.

“Once I could bend it, I started PT overload,” says Grayson. “I was going to Resilience five days a week. Any time I wasn’t at Resilience, I worked from home– lifting, box jumping, running– just anything I could.”

With the support of friends and family, many of whom prayed for him daily, he recovered his full range of motion in only four of the predicted six months.  

“It was good knowing I was ahead of schedule.” He now had the ability to do many of the simple things he previously enjoyed.  Grayson said he could now “continue like an average Joe.”  

But being no average Joe, Grayson wasn’t finished. Grayson continued to work out and train with his legs, shocking doctors when he started CrossFit with the GRC baseball team.

“His recovery was a surprise to doctors,” says Kari. “The doctors kept saying, ‘You had me worried.’” 

Grayson played on the GRC varsity team in the only game of 2020. Not only did he just get to play baseball, breaking all expectations, he was the catcher. 

When Covid shut down the field, Grayson was disappointed but continued training for the next season. He was recipient of the 40th District 2021 All Tournament Team award and is currently co-captain of the Cards varsity.

Grayson attributes his recovery to God saying, “I completely trusted God the whole time that I’d be back to normal.”  

This faith and determination condoned his quick recovery and unprecedented ability to catch again.

As once said by MLB manager Tommy Lasorda, “The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”