Top 10 Entertainment Events For Fall

Maddie Mann, Arts & Entertainment Editor


You will definitely want to consider checking out for the following forms of entertainment this fall. The season is jam packed with great options. Whether you’re into shows of the horror genre or that of drama, these are the ones definitely worth your time.


  1. American Horror Storyahs

Over the course of the years, this bone-chilling show has kept viewers on their toes with the idea that the all-around theme changes each year. When it came time for Ryan Murphy, the executive producer, to release the terrifying new idea, the fans were left hanging. After months of waiting, and several trailers with the purpose of throwing theorists off the trail. the premiere revealed that this season is in the style of a documentary. It is loosely based off of the historical lost colony of Roanoke, and is titled My Roanoke Nightmare.




  1. Grey’s Anatomygreys-anatomy-season-13-is-slated-to-make-its-return-on-abc-this-fall-on-sept-22

After a long wait for dedicated fans, this beloved hospital drama is back for the 13th season. A whole new season of plot twists and heartbreaking goodbyes awaits at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. It would be safe to say that many viewers are glad to see it’s back.




  1. Beauty and the Beastb-and-b

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, this Disney classic is released from the vault in the month of September. This restored film edition will only be available during this time, so fans of the fairy tale will scramble to purchase it.




  1. The Voicevoice

This popular singing competition has taken the country by storm, replacing its beloved inspiration, American Idol. As it returns for a new season with new competitors, it also brings two new judges. Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus now sit on the swivel chairs and possibly lead one of their respective competitors to victory.




  1. Presidential Debatepdebate

The time of year has come where the two presidential candidates dish it out to each other. With the looming election in November, both Clinton and Trump will show no mercy in order to win.




  1. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Childrenperegrine1

Tim Burton fans have been awaiting this film’s arrival for a while. Book fans have been anticipating it for an even longer time. An alternate dimension holds an orphanage for children with extraordinary talents from the 1940s is introduced to a modern era boy and he must use his recently discovered powers to save it.




  1. Scream Queenssqueens

After its beginning last year, this smash hit returns with a change of scenery. Last season’s college sorority slasher vibe, the Chanels move on to an internship at a hospital, where another killer awaits. This season even features stars such as John Stamos and Taylor Lautner.




  1. The Exorcistexorcist

Based on the classic horror film, this series will bring to life the chilling story in the modern world. The terrifying possessions and monsters will lay siege to the human race, with only the power of Christ to protect them. The series will bring us into the Halloween season perfectly.




  1. Mastermindsmasterminds

Based on true events, this comedy featuring Zac Galafinakis and Kristen Whig, is about one of the largest heists in American history. These criminal “masterminds” go on a wild adventure as they try to use their money while on the lamb. Plenty of jokes, ridiculous antics, and hilarious happenings are surely expected when this film is released to theaters.




  1. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.Dagents

Followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been itching for their next fix of super powered content since May, when Captain America: Civil War was released, and finally it has arrived. With the return of the show, we can expect the return of fan favorites, such as Phil Coulson, and even new characters like that of the comic hero Ghost Rider.