Self awareness leads to being unstoppable

EA Nisbet, Multimedia Staff

EA Nisbet

Those who understand themselves are more likely to understand others. In order to have a stronger understanding of your emotions and overall values, you have to start by being completely honest with yourself.

Being self aware helps you become a better leader from within. There’s no prescription given that can help you become effective on how to lead. It’s all on you and how you prioritize your needs and desires.

There are many things you can do to become more aware of yourself and how others view you. To start, you can take the enneagram test. It’s a personality test where you answer multiple questions honestly. There are nine interconnected personality types, also known as enneatypes.

This simple test won’t be the answer to all your questions but it will surprise you on how accurate your results are. You can learn so many new things about yourself just by knowing your enneagram number. 

Knowing that you are completely aware of who you are can take a lot of time and it’s a process, but the time you take for yourself will impact you for the rest of your life.

Everyone is aware of who they are in different ways, but do not know the depth of what they can really learn about themselves. When you are stressed out and anxious, it can be really overwhelming. There are ways you can cope with this and everyone has a different mechanism.

One way to learn to cope with these feelings is by determining your enneagram number and reading the analysis of each number’s personality traits. Do some research and learn about your enneagram number and what you can gain from the information you get.

It may not work for everyone but you can experiment on the different things you can do and figure out what is best for you. Lots and lots of beneficial information come with your number and it’s not just informing you if you’re introverted or extroverted.

Your whole life will consist of you figuring things out about yourself and that’s the beauty of it. There won’t be a point where you are finished with getting to know yourself.

Every day you learn more about who you are and you probably don’t even realize it the majority of the time.

It’s refreshing to know that so many cool things come with you and have been with you your whole life! Once you realize this fully, you will be unstoppable.

-Art by Mia Walter
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