Advanced Placement: The best course of action

Advanced Placement: The best course of action

Kendall Harrison, Sports Editor

With scheduling going on here at GRC, it’s time for every student to ask themselves that question: what classes should I take next year

This is not only one of the hardest decisions for us high schoolers to make, but it is also one of the most important, for the classes we take will help prepare us for our futures.

With only seven hours in a school day, students have to fit all of their desired classes into these limited time slots, often having to make sacrifices to make room for the classes that are required. This may be especially hard for those who have a career path in mind.

As a Junior, I have had to make these seemingly impossible decisions three times, and each time there has been a shining light that I have been drawn to: AP classes.

For students who plan to attend college, or even just love a challenge, taking Advanced Placement classes is a surefire way to get the most out of your limited learning time.

Twenty-one of these enriching courses are offered here at GRC, but they aren’t easy. They require you to put in a lot of extra effort.

You’re probably wondering how that can be a good thing, but your hard work will not be in vain.

In the fall, you can pay to take an exam in May that will be over the content you learned throughout the year, and if you pass you are not only awarded with college credit hours, but you also are refunded the money you spent on the exam.

This means that you can be exempt from having to take certain classes in college. Of course the amount of credit hours you receive will depend on which school you go to and what your passing score is, but nonetheless, you will be able to take a college class for free.

There are several AP classes for each subject, and finding the one that will cater to your chosen career path will not be difficult because we are fortunate to go to a school that offers such a wide variety of these courses.

We have the opportunity of a lifetime, and we should take advantage of it. 

So when it’s your turn to schedule, ask your counselor about the AP classes available and get a head start on your academic future.