Dear Procrastination, I’m breaking up with you


Ashlan Brookshire, Features Editor

I’ve always known you weren’t good for me but I couldn’t stay away. 

The pain you cause me is heavy on my heart. 

I can’t go to sleep. I can’t go out. I can’t relax. All because of you. 

It’s about time that I stand up for myself.

 Over time, you became part of me. 

You distracted me from all that was important. You distracted me from homework, projects, and studying. 

Don’t you care about my educational success? I’m starting to think you just wanted to see me struggle. You just watched me feverishly work on my assignments from a distance. 

The only thing I did wrong was that I was stupid enough to believe your lies. 

You convinced me to scroll on Instagram. You said it would be okay to watch one more episode. You told me I would be able to finish my work later. 

You can’t keep telling me these lies. 

You make me put off my work until the last second when it’s late at night and I only want to sleep.

You are responsible for me doing my homework hours before its due date. You are responsible for my headaches. 

I hope you know what you did to me. It’s absurd. It’s a disgrace. I am embarrassed I ever let you into my life at all. 

Things just aren’t the same and never will be. You have no power over me anymore. 

Even though this is goodbye, you’ll always be a part of me, and I wish I could go back to when I was responsible and ignored you. Everything will be better once you’re out of my life. 

It’s over. 



I don’t need you anymore. Goodbye forever, but if we’re honest…see you tomorrow.

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