Wonders of the library

Kelsey Grissam, Multimedia Staff

The quiet, relaxing environment that allows you to hear a pencil drop.

The mutual agreement to be quiet and respectful.

The walls packed with millions of adventures just waiting for you to read about.

That is what a library is, and we are lucky enough to say that we have one in our very own school.

I love that the library is open from 7:55 to 4:15. This allows students to be able to go in the morning or after school to study, check out a book, read, play puzzles, or hang out with friends.

The library also allows students to print papers or posters for projects in their classes. This is a big help for students who aren’t able to print papers at home.

Since reading is one of my favorite things to do, I love finding new books to read and am grateful that the library has so many options.

Do you like graphic novels? Are you more into nonfiction books?

Or maybe you prefer a good mystery?

Either way, there are multiple different genres to choose from in the library and some are even available as audiobooks.

If you happen to accidentally lose a book, but still want to get one from the library, our library is the place to go because even if you have lost a book in the past, you are still allowed to check out a book.

It’s also nice to see teachers use the library with their classes. This allows students to use the library more and have an extra opportunity to check a book out.

I love being able to use the library more since it has so much to offer everyone at GRC.

I am grateful that we have such a multi-functional library in our school.