Get Rowdy Crew leaders off to a great start


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Hunter, Eli and KJ lead this year’s CREW

Ella Lucas, Mia Walter, and EA Nisbet

“Who are, who are, who are we? We are, we are, we are GRC!”

New facilities, same phenomenal teams. But this year, our student section is going to be better than ever and overflowing with team spirit.

Smoke Signals interviewed this year’s Get Rowdy Crew leaders to clear up some questions that have been asked throughout the start of the school year about the Crew as a whole.

We talked to Hunter Helderman, Eli Penichet, and KJ Rucker about the student section and what they hope to accomplish as leaders during the 2019- 2020 sports seasons.

What are you all doing differently?
Eli Penichet : “We are trying to make things more professional and organized. We always want to make sure we involve underclassmen.”
KJ Rucker: “Everything will be a little different this year because of the new facility.”
Hunter Helderman: “This year one of the goals is to be as organized as possible and just to get younger people involved.”

What are you most excited for this year as a leader?
Eli: “I’m definitely excited for our new football stadium and basketball arena, our rivalry with Montgomery County, and the girls’ basketball season.”
KJ: “MoCo rivalry games and the excitement everyone will have.”
Hunter: “The Moco game, all sports, and especially the new stadium.”

In your opinion what makes a strong student section leader?
Eli: “Someone who is not afraid to stand up and doesn’t hesitate to get everyone involved.”
KJ: “Being loud and having passion for your school.”
Hunter: “I think seeing all points of views, being open minded, attendance, and organization are all important.”

How did you become a leader for this year’s crew and how do you plan on choosing next year’s?
Eli: “Every year the leaders pass their positions to a group of the upcoming class. It comes down to your overall commitment and who’s fit for the job. We plan to carry on the tradition.”
KJ: “The crew from last year chose me because of my spirit and I plan on doing the same for upcoming leaders.”
Hunter: “I was picked due to my involvement by last year’s leaders. Next year I will pick based on your attendance, the impact you leave, and your ability to be a leader.”

What’s your opinion on sports that feel unrecognized?
Eli: “We can’t control the attendance but we would love for people to show out to all sports teams and we will be advertising as many teams as we can.”
KJ: “We try our hardest to include everyone, but we can’t control who comes or not.”
Hunter: “You are recognized; it’s just the fact is that it’s hard to get everyone to show out. I can’t control attendance but I can inform people.”

What advice do you have for incoming freshman?
Eli: “Don’t be afraid. I know it can look intimidating but try it out and I think you’ll be surprised.”
KJ: “Don’t be afraid to come to the games and participate in the section.”
Hunter: “Show out no matter what, even if you don’t think so, you do belong. If you need help or have any questions, DM me @getrowdycrew.”

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