Student Council promotes change in our school

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Student Council promotes change in our school

Emma Taylor, Managing Editor

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Students often find themselves at the mercy of those in charge having to comply to the decisions made from above. The only way to make a change is to be a part of the change.

Our Student Council is coming together to give our student body a say in that change.

“I have always wanted to have a voice in the school,” said Hannah Curreri, president of the senior class. “I feel that by being the senior class president I can make noticeable changes to our student body.”

Curreri and Caroline Cuccinelli were pronounced senior class president and vice president at the end of the 2018-19 school year. Unlike years past, the election was held the year prior to when the candidates would hold office.

“Having the election this way has given us a lot more time to get things together,” said Taylor Plowman, officer of public relations. “We are now making a constitution for us to follow and connecting with the underclassmen that are in student government.”

The Council meets three times a week to discuss ideas for the school year. The Council aspires to get lunch outdoors, initiate a school-wide community project, and to make small changes that will have a large effect on the lives of the students.

Student Council is an outlet for students to use their talents to lead those around them and advocate for those whose voices need to be heard.

“I really hope the members get more involved not only in the community but in the school, and that they find a leadership position,” said Plowman.

Student Council is all about finding the leaders who’ll take the student body’s thoughts and put them into action.