AP test sign-ups have changed

Rachel Puckett, Editor-In-Chief

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Change is afoot in the world of academia.

In years past, advanced placement (AP) test sign-ups were done in the latter portion of the school year. Now, AP scheduling has been shifted to the online forum AP Classroom, and students will have to commit to taking the test earlier than ever before.

“College Board’s goal was to have students commit earlier in the school year to taking the exams which they believed would increase student effort and participation throughout the school year,” says testing coordinator Eric Osborn.

As always, students can take AP classes without taking the test at the end of the year but will not be awarded college credit. On a scale of 1 to 5, any score above a 3 is credited as passing.

Some students take AP courses for a rigorous schedule but decide later in the year that passing the test may be a challenge. An October sign-up will force students to decide earlier in the year.

“I have never liked having an emphasis on pass rates,” says Osborn, “I believe that AP coursework is valid whether the exam is taken and passed or not. Exposure to a more rigorous curriculum has inherent value.”

The deadline for exam sign-ups without a late fee is Oct. 4. The cost for students who don’t qualify for free or reduced lunch is $94.

Students with passing scores will still be awarded $100 from the Clark County Board of Education.

College Board is invested in assisting students in passing the exams. The new forum AP Classroom has resources for students to be exposed to practice material.

“Since College Board produces the AP exams,” said Osborn, “the increased exposure to College Board generated materials should help with being prepared for the exams.”

For those who plan on taking a test for a class they are not enrolled in, see Mr. Osborn as soon as possible in order to sign up.

The new AP exam signs-up are different, but the change is meant for the good of the students.