Dear Nature…

Rachel Puckett, Editor-In-Chief

Dear Nature,

We need to talk. Summer has been a blast. You did a fantastic job at creating a smoldering atmosphere. I promise you have been doing your job well. I haven’t been able to wear jeans in weeks without feeling the bubbles of sweat rise up between my legs and pants. Thanks for that.

But for real, we need to talk about your next seasons coming up. Winter needs to be frigid. I’m talking piles of snow barricading each doorway in Winchester. Please no dangerous ice or life-threatening temperatures. I simply ask that you provide Clark County with five to seven snow days.

It’s not that I particularly love snow or that I have missed making snow angels in my yard. Yes, as I’ve grown up over the years, I have been deprived of prime sledding and hot chocolate weather, but my goals are much more long term.

You see, I have a dilemma. I wouldn’t normally let you in on such details of my life; however, I’m desperate. In May of 2020 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to take a life changing trip to Israel. I have been preparing myself to learn the culture and explore the holy ground that exists in this country. I am beyond excited to travel there. In theory, I would’ve gone on this trip and gotten back a week before my senior graduation. Unfortunately, to no fault of your own, the graduation date has been changed to two days before I get back.

Normally, I would be ecstatic with this opportunity to get out of school in the middle of May. As I have already explained, this simply will not do. Maybe I’m trying to obtain the best of both worlds and am being completely selfish and childish. Maybe it’s wrong of me to write you this long letter begging you to change the weather just for me. Maybe I should just give up. But, out of a small vain hope, I’m begging you to please consider creating safe snow fun for five to seven days or at least long enough to delay graduation.

I know you owe me nothing, but Nature, out of the goodness of your nature I beg that you help me out.


Your desperate friend.