Cunningham: more than your average teacher

Caroline Cuccinelli, Multimedia Staff

Arbitrage: the process of buying items in retail stores and then selling them on a different marketplace for a profit.

To many of us, this is probably a definition that is completely irrelevant to our lives. But to Mr. Cunningham, this is a process he experiences all the time.

“I buy the products from other stores for cheaper, I pack it up and I UPS it to Amazon, and then they sell it Via prime,” says Cunningham. “And I get a profit from it.”

Mr. Cunningham has been pursuing his business for over 6 years. He first started buying and selling products in college.

“When I was in college I would resell textbooks online,” says Cunningham. “I’ve always had an Ebay account that I bought and sold stuff from, and it’s just something that I enjoy doing.”

While this seems like an ordinary process, profits earned enable him to travel abroad to various countries all over Europe.

“It started out as a hobby so that I could earn credit card airline miles, and so I could just resell stuff and get to keep the points and go and fly for free,” says Cunningham.

Going on free vacations has been something he and his wife have been doing for a while now due to this business.

“Using airline miles, we have flown to London, Paris, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Germany,” says Cunningham. “Selling stuff allowed us to go to a lot of places. I really enjoyed going on these trips and I had a lot of fun.”

Even though Mr. Cunningham continues to grow his business, he has no plans to go full time.

“I really like history and all of my best teachers that I had in school were history teachers and they got me really interested in the subject,” says Cunningham. “I hope I can assist students in being interested in history as well. Hopefully I can impact their lives like my life has been impacted.”



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