Changes in Purdue writing lab in attempts to not offend

Changes in Purdue writing lab in attempts to not offend

Harley LeMaster, Illustrator

This past year Purdue has made changes to their writing lab guidelines by suggesting that students avoid using generic uses of the word “man” when a more specific word would work just as well.

The guide then continues on to suggest replacements, such as, humanity instead of mankind or synthetic instead of manmade.

“They’re saying the word man is associated with an adult male as opposed to just humanity or human,” explains Cathy Areu, founder and publisher of Catalina Magazine, in a recent interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

In the interview Areu contradicts herself saying that the word human and humanity should be banned and be replaced with the word people. This is going beyond what the guide suggests.

However, for as long as I can remember I have been taught that mankind, or humanity refers to all people. These words do not discriminate against a specific group of people.

In the interview Areu even goes as far as to say that if enough people begin a movement that agrees with Purdue University then the name of the city “Manchester” would be changed.

The word man or any word that contains man is offensive to a small people group. They’re attempting to grow this people group, so that a movement can start to change our vocabulary to keep from offending people.

I guess little do they know you can’t please everyone. It would make it so much easier for other people to keep all as is.

It’s understandable that they are trying to find a way to not offend so many people. However, they are just digging up another hole for another group of people.

I could say just as easily that not using the word woman to identify myself is offensive to me. It offends me because it takes a way a piece of my identity and something I have grown up calling myself.

I would then find a group of people who agree with me and fought back with Purdue University to gain back my identification.

There is no way around not offending someone. You try not to offend one group you will end up offending another.

This attempted revolution is the start to a never-ending problem.



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