Local student hopes to inspire through music


Kaylyn Hagedorn, Multimedia Staff

One’s passion can eventually lead to changing the world. This is true for talented junior Rocky McKenzie, as he just debuted his very first single, Change The World on Friday, April 26.

Change The World is a pop song with a Christian background. Rocky’s passion and beliefs shaped the song that he hopes will help change the world around us.

“I’ve had a passion for music since I was practically an infant,” Rocky said. “I was always inspired by many different styles of music, and have always wanted to write my own. When I was around 3 or 4, I used to always find a TV station with music, and I would just sit and watch it like an average kid would watch cartoons.”

Rocky started producing music in early 2018, and last April he started making his own songs. He has written over 40 songs during that time and he will release some later this year.

Rocky said his passion to change the world stems from the fact that “hatred and violence occurs on a daily basis.” Rocky said it best: “You cannot hardly go a day anymore without hearing of another tragedy.”

Change The World puts emphasis on these problems through lyrics such as, “We’ve built this wall dividing us from our own. I’m tired of all the violence. What’s it’s gonna solve?”

Rocky realizes destruction has happened, but he has a solution. “We’ve tried to combat evil through riots and violence, but it’s not moving anything in a positive direction,” he said. “We need a greater force that is stronger, and is showing love to one another is that only solution. One person showing love and kindness to wrongdoers could be what it takes to change someone’s mindset completely around.”

The world needs more people like Rocky. One who is not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, and one who isn’t afraid to be the change the world so desperately needs.

Rocky and his sister, Jada, a GRC graduate, are both very young and talented individuals in our community. They are spreading love and their passion with the people of Winchester and beyond this small town. “My sister Jada and I have been singing since we were both really young, so it’s really like a part of us,” Rocky said.

Rocky said writing Change the World came easily. “I just took a simple instrumental track I created a year prior, and started pouring out the things going through my mind into a microphone,” he said. “Unlike all other songs I’ve written, I didn’t revise a single word to the song. I just started singing what was on my mind, kind of like freestyle, but with a pop song.”

To hear the Rocky McKenzie’s new single, you can find it available on all streaming platforms and stores such as: Spotify, iTunes/ Apple Music, Google Play , YouTube, as well as Amazon.


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