Let’s start caring about not caring

Taylor Radar, Opinions Editor

Don’t you just love walking down the hallway and hearing the sweet sound of smack talk in the morning?

Being humble and kind is now a thing of the past; we are now living in a society where we care more about our pride over everything else.

We have entered an era where it is deemed cool to be rude and mean because it makes you seem untouchable.

Newsflash, it just makes you seem like a jerk.

I never thought I’d see the day where people lacked complete human decency.

We use social media to completely degrade others because we think they won’t find out, and we have no problem being absolutely cruel just for the sake of it.

Everyone has become so shallow and unempathetic because apparently that’s the new trend.

Listen, as a fellow teen and human being, I understand the appeal of following societal trends. What I don’t understand is completely warping the trend to make yourself seem better than everyone else.

People have no problem degrading others, yet the moment someone treats them the way they treat others, it becomes an issue.

Can’t you forget your pride for one second?

Do you really have to act like a child just to seem cool?

Acting like you’re all big and bad and disregarding others is not an attractive trait.

Open your hearts, people.

Stop being afraid to actually put your human emotions to use. It’s not that hard to throw a little care around.

We need to get rid of this it’s you or me type mentality. It’s destroying us as a society.

How about we be a little less hateful and start acting like decent human beings.