Former Athletes Give Back to Indoor Track

Rachel Puckett, Newscast Editor

Emanuel Wilson, Cora Kerber, Grayson Brookshire all ran track and field for GRC and all have found a passion that will ripple throughout the lives of others.

GRC track coach Dodd Dixon has brought back these three, his former athletes, to help coach for this 2019 track and field season. 

In high school, 2008 graduate Emanuel Wilson focused most of his time on the field aspect of track and field where he enjoyed the shot-put event. Wilson, this being his second-year coaching at GRC, chose to return as a throws coach in order to help the athletes better themselves as competitors and people.

“There are a lot of youth these days that seek a helping hand, and if I can help one student, one athlete, become a better individual, that makes me content,” Wilson states. “At the same time, I want to help them win
because that’s what matters.”

Joining the GRC track team her junior year, 2013 graduate Cora Kerber learned late into her high school career about her passion for running. Kerber hopes to impact her athletes by helping them become passionate as well.

“For me, my coaches have always acted as mentors, providing me with the motivation and inspiration to keep going. I hope to provide the same for GRC runners,” says Kerber.

The youngest coach, 2014 graduate Grayson Brookshire, attributes most of his passion for running to Dodd Dixon, whose support, helped Brookshire chase his “running dreams.” 

“My goal for this team is to help everyone to set goals for themselves and to reach those goals,” says Brookshire. “I think that I can be a good example and role model for the athletes as well as their biggest fan.”

Dodd Dixon, GRC graduate of 1982, says it is nice to work with his former athletes. 

“We all share a connection and a love for GRC track,” says Dixon. “I know that they are fully committed to the success of the program.”

Now the ripple begins.