Greeman Uses Talents to Make Prom Dreams Come True

Haley Snell, Social Media Editor

You see it through the shop window. That’s the one. Your dream prom dress. The perfect color, style, and just the right amount of sparkle.

You try it on, but it’s way too long and slightly too big in the waist. Ugh! But wait… your solution could be right here in GRC.

Jane Greeman, our counseling secretary, is what some would call the best seamstress in town.

She’s highly known for her clean and professional prom dress alterations for students here at GRC.

“My dad is the one who first taught me how to sew in high school,” she explained. “His mom taught him and then he passed the skill along to me.”

Instead of getting a job at the local McDonalds or Kroger, she decided to use her talents to her advantage. 

She made various clothing pieces for other people, but one of her main things was sewing maternity tops for her teachers.

She went on to college at the University of Kentucky with an interest to still carry on sewing as she majored in Textiles and Merchandising. 

“I actually never did any alterations until one day when the owner of the bridal shop downtown called and asked me to do alterations for them,” she said. “I was hesitant at first, but then I fell in love with it.” 

Greeman ended up working at the shop for 22 years, doing both prom and bridal gown alterations. 

“To this day, bridal gowns are still my favorite to alter,” she said. “There is just something about working on a wedding dress that relaxes me.”

Now, a lot of her work comes from altering prom dresses, as she altered 53 last year. 

Most of her clients are students at GRC, but she also has customers in Ohio, Indiana, and even one from Texas.

Her work doesn’t stop at dresses. She has altered jerseys for the basketball team, and uniforms for the cheer and dance teams here at GRC. She can truly do it all.

Don’t be devastated if you try on your dream prom dress, and it doesn’t fit. Your solution could be closer than you think.