Archery Team Shoots for Continued Success


Jevan Lewis, 11th, aims for his shot.

Jessica Brooks, Multimedia Staff

Ever since the archery team got to go to Nationals last season each teammate gives it his or her all at tournaments and practice.

On Nov. 17, in Garrard County, 15 members shot from the high school team and 3 of the 15 won medals. Logan Gamble, a sophomore, won the second place medal for high school boys. Madyson Berry, a freshman, won the second place medal for high school girls and Willow Spencer, a freshman, won the third place medal for the high school girls.

“I was very proud of myself and it was a great accomplishment,” Berry says.

The archery team is hosting its own tournament on Dec. 15, at Campbell Junior High at 8 a.m. There are 400 students participating from 20 different schools.

Archery coach Corey White said the team hopes to host tournaments more often once the new athletic complex are finished. These tournaments help fund the program.

William Brooks, a senior that has been with the team for six years, is coming to terms with his departure from the team.

“Archery is a way for you to show your physical strength and stay in shape,” he says. “It’s just gone by so fast, and it’s sad to leave it behind.”

Despite this being the last year for senior archers, Coach White plans for a bright future.

“The team looks really good this year and we have a lot of returning archers,” he said. “We also have some new archers that have really progressed in a short amount of time.”

A large component of the team’s success is the focus placed on improvement.

“They work hard to try to improve.” says White. “It is a lot of repetition which helps to improve for tournaments. At practice we work on release and aiming to improve.”

The archery team has three upcoming tournaments in January, which will help them get ready for Regionals in early February.