GRC Students Honored in Eagle Scout Ceremony

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GRC Students Honored in Eagle Scout Ceremony

Savannah Green, Features Editor

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Be prepared: the motto of the Boy Scouts of America. Boy Scouts are challenged to be prepared in both body and mind and are dedicated to hard work and success.

Four GRC students received an award for just that. JT Settles, JT O’Bryan, Clay Comer, and Jacob Fraley, members of the Boy Scouts of America, achieved Eagle Scout status and were honored Dec. 2.

The Eagle Scout is the highest rank of the Boy Scouts and is a highly prestigious award. To achieve Eagle Scout status, members must exhibit dedication to serving in leadership positions and participating in and organizing community services, along with earning a multitude of merit badges and engaging in extensive camping experiences.

“The Eagle Scout ceremony is significant because it’s kind of like a graduation. It’s the final achievement,” says junior JT Settles. “It means a lot to me. It’s a symbol of hard work.”

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) unites boys of similar values and interests, impacting the way they live their day to day lives.

“The people I’ve met and the skills I’ve learned have helped make me who I am,” says Settles. “My personality probably comes from scouts.”

The organization allows members to go on various camping trips, which is one of the top experiences the BSA has to offer.

“My favorite part of being in BSA is the trips and camp-outs we go on,” says Settles. “I’ve slept outside of many places all over the state.”

These hands-on experiences are highly valued among the BSA members, as it gives them the opportunity to go on various trips and explore new places and new activities.

“My favorite thing about scouting is all the outings we go on and all of the hands-on experiences,” says Fraley.

The BSA also aids in self-improvement, allowing members to grow individually.

“Being in scouts has improved many aspects of myself, from leadership to learning how to survive in the wilderness,” says Fraley.

Be proud: the mentality that these scouts should have after reaching such an achievement.