Softball Players Ready for Continued Success

Savannah Green, Multimedia Staff

New season, new coach, and new memories.

March marked the start of a new season for GRC’s Lady Cards. This season brought a large amount of change to the team, including a new coach.

“A new coach provides a different way of thinking,” says junior Courtney Miles. “The team is coming together and building a new backbone as we have changed the way we approach different parts of the game, like defense.”

Of course, the season also brings out a new opportunity for success. The members of the team are
confident that this season will be strong.

“I think our season will go well. We had a slow start but we are continuing to work hard and grow as a team,” says Miles.

Their confidence is sourced from the clear goals the team has. They know what they need to do in order to achieve their ambitions.

“Our goals for this season are to always play together as a team, win the district, win region, and dominate at state,” says senior Claire Brandenburg.

Goals aren’t the only things that are motivating the team. Their teammates inspire them to keep playing.

“My favorite thing about playing softball is always being together with my friends because we’re one big happy family,” says Brandenburg.

It’s inevitable when teammates are close that memories are made. The memories stick with them and are the foundation for playing softball.

“One of my favorite memories was when we were playing in regions and I hit a home run and everyone cheered because we weren’t doing that great. It got everyone else to start hitting,” says senior Whitney Walker.

Although for others, it’s the love for the sport itself that keeps them engaged in the game.

“Softball is a great stress reliever,” says Miles. “I enjoy playing or practicing because I’m able to do something I love despite what is happening outside of the field.”

Their passions have lead them to working hard to be the best team members they can be. They plan on doing everything they can to support their team.

“I want to be the person to step up, to keep everyone’s head up, and to be the encouragement to win,” says Walker.

With these goals and a group this close, they feel they have everything they need to make it to state.

“I think we have what it takes to make it to state,” says Miles. “We are a team that doesn’t easily give up. We are able to overcome adversity during the game and continue to put up a fight.”

It’s a new season with a new coach and new memories, and with this hard work, new success.