Board of Ed Made Best Decision on Commencement

Staff Editorial

Great job by the Board of Education for agreeing to better accommodate families by setting the graduation ceremony on a Friday.

The decision helps families who will travel in from cities, maybe even states, away. It will be way more convenient than the many years that GRC graduated on weekdays.

This is the first time since records were kept that GRC has graduated before the last day of school. The Board made the right decision for the sake of students and their families.

In deciding the last day of school to be June 6, the Board set the current school year at 171 days, one day over the 170-day state requirement.

Because of this requirement, we cannot move the last day to the graduation date. Also, as far as receiving diplomas are concerned, students weren’t going to get them on graduation night anyway.

Graduates picking up diplomas later has always been the case. This year, diplomas will be given out on the last day, June 6.

Overall, the biggest issue was resolved. The graduation date is what many wanted changed, and the board considered the families and made a great choice.

This could even set a beneficial precedent for future graduation dates. And while it would have been ideal to have the last day moved back to June 5, we can rejoice in having the most accommodating and convenient option.