Complaining About Complaining

A Pessimistic Epidemic

Savannah Green, Multimedia Staff


Savannah Green

Multimedia Staff



It feels like with every breath someone takes in, they let a complaint back out.

Complaints are the single most common topic of conversations you’ll hear throughout the school days. Whether it’s the weather, the temperature, too much homework, or any inconvenience that a person may have experienced recently, it’s sure to reach the top of this list on what they’re going to talk about.

It’s almost as if no one has anything positive to say. Everyone gets so caught up in what is going wrong around us; we don’t look up to see everything that is going right.

Yes, there are bad days. There are things that go undeniably wrong and deserve to be talked about or argued against, but not everything qualifies.

Negativity breeds negativity. If you focus on one thing that went wrong in your entire day, your day will seem entirely wrong.

It’s exhausting to open up social media and see the ambiguous posts about having “the worst day ever” or “wondering how this day could get any worse”

It’s not that we have to be positive all of the time. It’s just that we should work on not lingering on the unpleas- ant aspects of the day, or the simple everyday irritations that won’t matter in the long run.

Look at your life and see what actually matters and what isn’t worth your time. If it isn’t a true problem, then stop spreading negativity and don’t bring it up again.

We’re all guilty of it. We all get in a bad mood and talk about what is going wrong in our life. No one’s perfect and no one expects us to be.

However, if you’re faced with the choice of a conversation topic and you choose a small, minor problem to talk about for the next 30 minutes, then you’ve made a small issue a big inconvenience.

As a student body, we do have things that are negative that we have to talk about so we can fix the issues we’re faced with, but we’ve got a lot to be thankful for too.

We have an almost brand new school building, we get to choose from a wide variety of classes, and we have a lot of great teachers.

Spreading positivity is just as easy as spreading negativity, except it tends to put people in a better mood. You just have to make a choice to take time to realize how good things can be.

Take a deep breath in, and let the positivity begin.