Cohort Provides Opportunities in Various Areas of the Arts


Fine Arts Cohort 17-18

Willow Crum, Multimedia Staff

Singing. Acting. Dancing. Painting. Drawing. Playing an instrument.

These are just some of the ways in which students can find an outlet to express themselves during the school day.

The Fine Arts Cohort enhances the fine arts disciplines and allows students to progress on the arts path they might want to continue in the future.

Through the Cohort, students can focus not only on their chosen arts speciality, but they also learn about every section of the arts through collaborations between departments, even if they have little or no background knowledge of the art form.

Since the program allows students to collaborate with each department and work on projects, no student is restricted just to the department they excel in.

Everyone gets the chance to explore other parts of the arts and possibly even discover a new hidden talent.

Caleb Cole, a senior who has been a member of the music department for three years says, “I’m a trombone player,” he said, “but Cohort helped me realize that I can sing too.”

Not everyone who auditions for the Cohort necessarily grew up around the arts. Some could be considered beginners.

However, even if someone has more experience with the arts, all students who participate in the program are talented and have stellar abilities nonetheless.

To be considered for the audition-only program, students are given a list of required application materials, such as a resume, that must be completed by the deadline.

It is necessary to get three teacher recommendations, two others from any teachers who are familiar with the art form that they excel in, and one from an English teacher.

After these set materials are turned in, the students must set a time to audition with a certain set of pieces they prepare on their own, depending on the department that they are applying for.

Considering the Fine Arts Cohort is one of many things that contribute to the arts here at GRC, many students view this as a life-changing program.

There are so many ways the program helps students grow, including boosting

Cohort pushes students to do things they are not completely comfortable with at first.

For instance, students in the past have had to arrange their own pieces of music to perform not only in front of their peers, but also for the Winchester community.

Megan Akers, who has been a part of the Cohort for two years, says she has overcome “…doubt, stage fright, and the existential dread that comes with trying to choose a career path.”

The Cohort welcomes everyone with open arms and you may be surprised with all the friends that you make.
“The people are probably the most enjoyable part of it all,” said Lillie Seay, a member of the visual arts departments for her second year. “I love all of the people, students and teachers, with all of my heart. They’ve become basically my family and I couldn’t ask for better people to be in that family.”

Cohort is a safe place for students, a place in which students aren’t scared to be themselves, a place where students don’t have to worry, a place where students can do something that they love with people that they love.

Cohort is a second home. And with scheduling going on, you may find yourself interested and want to sign up. You may be surprised with the results of joining.