Snow Days Continue to Affect Calendar; Graduation Date Still Not Set in Stone

Smoke Signals Staff Report


Will the last day of school remain at Friday, June 1, even though another snow day was added on March 21?

Will graduation remain on Friday, June 1, even if school extends beyond that week?

These are questions for the Board of Education.

According to Director of Pupil Personnel Greg Hollon, the district has one more day’s worth of banked hours that could be used as a make-up day if the Board so chooses.

With the date of graduation hanging in the balance, the last day of school clearly affects GRC more than any other Clark County school.

Prior to March 21, the last day of school was set for Friday, June 1, with graduation planned for that evening.

The last day of school is now Monday, June 4, Hollon said in an email to Smoke Signals on Wednesday.

“There is technically one more day which could be waived by the Board due to the hours we attend over the mandated 1,062 instructional hours,” Hollon wrote.

The snow day on March 21 was the 12th day missed (one was for the solar eclipse and the rest for inclement weather).

Hollon said the first five days missed were waived, as stipulated in the 2017-18 school calendar approved by the Board of Education (These days came from hours Clark County students attend above the number required by the state.)

Make up days for the remaining seven days missed are Feb. 19, May 25, May 29, May 30, May 31, June 1 and June 4.
If the Board of Education does not waive the additional day and the last day of school remains at Monday, June 4, GRC’s graduation ceremony could technically still be held Friday, June 1, under state law.

The School Calendar regulation in 702-KAR 7:140, Section 1 (5) states: “Graduation ceremonies may be held before the end of the student instructional year. Diplomas shall be distributed after completion of the student instructional year.”

While students are required to have at least 170 instructional days and 1,062 instructional hours per year, teachers are under contract for 187 days per school year.

As of March 21, the last day for teachers is June 8. According to state law, the 187 days cannot be made up through extra hours worked, but must be days worked.

Along with extra days already worked, including a work day March 21, teachers will be at school on Election Day May 22 and June 5-8.

Closing day for this school year is currently set for June 8.