Snow Days vs. Summer Break


Willow Crum and Kaylyn Hagedorn

Willow Crum

Multimedia Staff


Let it Snow

Snow days or no extra days? While some students enjoy getting out of school earlier in May, a couple of snow days aren’t going to make a difference.

Everybody deserves a break every once in a while. School puts so much stress on students, and sometimes it is nice to just be able to sit down for a day and relax.

Whether that be by catching up on schoolwork, or just sitting on the couch to binge watch your favorite show, a day out of school is still a day out of school.

Not to mention, waking up expecting to get ready for school only to realize that it has been canceled is like waking up on Christmas morning to see dozens of presents under the tree.

Additionally, while it may sound crazy, sometimes snow days make an impact on

More specifically, many parents and student drivers don’t favor, or sometimes refuse, to drive in the snow.

With this being said, sending students to school on a snowy day could result in low attendance for that day.

This can also cause students and teachers to be unproductive due to the fact that there aren’t enough students in class to actually educate the students with a lesson.

Though summer is nice, a few extra days isn’t going to hurt anyone. Plus, you’re still getting a break, it is just scattered out throughout the cold weather.

All in all, snow days are more beneficial for students and teachers because sometimes we all just need a little break.


Kaylyn Hagedorn

Multimedia Staff


Bring on Summer

Summer… summer… summer… the word we all love to hear.

With summer vacation comes more opportunities that you don’t get during the school year. For instance, traveling or getting a job are both experiences you could take part in to benefit your future and discover hidden talents or hobbies.

Not to mention you can go to sleep whenever you want and you can wake up whenever you want. There is no schedule you have to follow; you have complete freedom.

With that being said, a longer summer vacation increases a student’s chance to relax and allow them to decompress, which normally wouldn’t happen during school.

Instead of constantly doing one thing after another, things begin to slow down, which results in less stress and anxiety.
Not only do you get to relax at home, some have the opportunity to really get away.

Many students and their families love to travel during summer vacation. Realistically, students sometimes leave the same week that they get out for summer vacation.

How are they supposed to do that if we’re making up a bunch of days? The chance to be relaxing on the beach in beautiful weather should be taken as soon as possible.

Don’t you just love the smell of sunscreen, the nice tan, and the feel of sand on your bare feet?

Summer has a lot of benefits that people want to experience for as long as they can. School is in session 10 out of the 12 months.

I think summer deserves a little more attention than just 16% of the year.