Social Media Breeds Narcissism

Think Before you Speak


Taylor Rader, Multimedia Staff

Like. Reblog. Post. Repeat. This is an endless cycle many modern day teens have found themselves stuck in.

Throughout the years, social media has grown in popularity tremendously.

With platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, people have more access with one another than they have ever had before.

As posters, we have become more aware of what goes on in other people’s lives due to these platforms.

We are able to see our “friends’” vacation pictures or see their cousin’s sister’s cute baby.

However, with putting out “private” information, people are putting themselves at risk for invasion of privacy and cyber-bullying.

Social media has quickly consumed the lives of many. People have become more obsessed with how many followers they have or how many likes they get on a selfie.

Social media has bred teens and kids alike into self-absorbed robots that feel they need others to validate their worth.

Not only has social media consumed lives, but it has also taken the lives of many. Social media gives people the feeling of being invincible and that they can say whatever they want without repercussion.

It seems it has suddenly become cool to bully and make fun of people on social media because it has suddenly become a cool new trend. Everyone knows that if you don’t follow a trend then you are way behind.

Social media has also sparked harmful trends such as the Tide Pod challenge or the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. People have become so desensitized to violence and people getting hurt that they find these stupid challenges funny and cool.

These platforms have become a cesspool for useless information and people have become so absorbed that they ignore the world around them.

No one keeps up with the news anymore. No one wants to interact like normal humans anymore. We have become so focused on how many followers and friends we have online that we no longer care about face-to-face communication.

Social media needs to be taken seriously.

When you are harming your own life and somebody else’s, then you have crossed the line. Think before you post.