Fraley Dedicates 31 Years to GRC

Savannah Green, Multimedia Staff

The student becomes the master, or in this case, the student becomes the teacher.

After being a graduate from GRC herself, Mrs. Fraley has spent 31 of her 32 teaching years at GRC. During these years here, Fraley has taught math to predominantly 11th and 12th grade students.

However, teaching math wasn’t always what Fraley had in mind when thinking about what she wanted to do with her life.  After having a large interest in art, she decided she would major in mechanical engineering.

“I got to where I was really good in the study hall rooms in the engineering building,” says Fraley. “We would have big study sessions and there I could draw a really good diagram, and I could explain it to everyone around me, and I was really good at it. So I thought, maybe this is what I should be doing.”

After five years of mechanical engineering, Fraley switched paths to become a teacher.

She graduated from EKU with an area teaching degree of physics, chemistry, and math. In her 31 years at GRC, Fraley has taught a number of teachers who are teaching currently at GRC.

“I’ve known Mrs. Doyle since she was in kindergarten,” Mrs. Fraley says. “I use to braid her hair, and still braid her hair occasionally if she needs it. In her Trig class, we had a lot of fun because we did Pi Day.  They made rice hats, they brought pie in, they sang Pi Day songs, and did cheers.”

Fraley also taught Mr. Cunninghham, Ms. Fithen, Ms. Stoneking, Ms. Pigg, Mrs. Newton, Mr. Barnes, Ms. Bumgardner, Mrs. Cecil, Mr. Lawwill and Ms. Snapp.

These teachers (and others at other schools and districts) have experienced Mrs. Fraley doing what she loves.
“At this point looking back, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” she says. “I absolutely love, love doing what I’m doing. I love working with students. It’s different every day. Every year is a different year. It’s not like going into a job and it’s the same old, same old. You get a different crop of kids, different things you teach, and you find different ways to teach.”

Fraley says that learning and applying what you learn is extremely important. She says that we should learn as much as we can, and be “life-long learners.”

Thus, with dedicated teachers like Fraley, we see more and more students becoming the teacher.