Be Club Emphasizes Mindfulness to Decrease Stress

Relax and Breathe

Mrs. Mansour, Freshman Teacher

In response to the opinion article “Adding in time for student meditation,” I would like to increase awareness about the Be Club.

The Be Club is dedicated to helping students learn how to practice presence of mind in order to increase social and emotional awareness, calm
focus, and resilience.

Mindfulness uses the breath to help you distance your reaction from your perception so you do not become overly reactive or overwhelmed by the world around you.
It is the Be Club’s hope to, as Ms. Olivia Montgomery called for in her article, “[give students] the skills they need to remain calm and rational in stressful situations,” whether those
situations are in the classroom or otherwise.

Last month’s issue stated, “As you sit in class and attempt to focus on your teacher’s lesson, you can’t. Instead your mind is in a million different places.”

As a teacher, I see this all the time. Most of the time, students are focusing on issues pressing them from the homefront or the social realm.

The last thing I want my students to feel is that they cannot accomplish tasks I assign them because of stress from outside of our room.

Mindfulness can help decrease that stress and help increase the focus we need to move forward.

Meditation as a way topractice mindfulness is a growing concern and interest in our community.

The Greater Clark Foundation funded The Be Project, a group of local mindfulness experts in their ambition to implement and encourage the practice of mindfulness in Clark County Schools.

A training was offered at the beginning of the school year and several teachers across the district have implemented the practice of mindfulness in their class.

The Be Club is a time and place for students to practice mindfulness. All are welcome to come check it out!

The Be Club meets every Friday at 8 a.m. in Mrs. Mansour’s room (514). Please join our Remind by texting @BeGRC to 81010 or speak with Mrs. Mansour for more details.