Khan Academy Aims to Help Students Improve PSAT Score


Haley Snell, Multimedia Staff

You’ve taken the PSAT three times. Each time, your score doesn’t even raise a point. Of course you’re frustrated, but there is good news.

Recently, College Board collaborated with Khan Academy to provide personalized lessons and tutorials based on your performance on the PSAT.

This program is open to any student, as long as you open a College Board and Khan Academy account.

If you have yet to take the PSAT, there are nine free practice tests available on Khan Academy that you can take to get a baseline score.

Eric Osborn, testing coordinator, has been experimenting with the program here at GRC. “The freshman academy is actually using this within their intervention classes,” Osborn said. “We purchased the PSAT and tested all freshman in October.

As soon as those scores come back, those students in those intervention classes will be able to bring those scores over to Khan Academy.”

Osborn said that they will not be purchasing another PSAT test, but they will provide a post-test to measure the effectiveness of the program.

This program is open to more than just freshman. Any student of any grade level is able to log on at home for individual tutorials, and free PSAT practice tests.

“For juniors, the PSAT is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship,” Osborn said. “There will be direct benefits for these students.”

The number of students who will benefit from this doesn’t stop there. “I also think this will correlate over to the ACT,” Osborn said. “It’s similar content and concepts and I think students who plan to take the ACT should give it a shot.”