Student Government Election Set for Dec. 11

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Student Government Election Set for Dec. 11

Emily Rice, Editor-in-Chief

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As election day grows closer, candidates campaign hard to earn a spot on this year’s GRC student government.

Fourteen students are vying for positions in this year’s student government.

A president and vice president will be chosen to lead the senior and junior classes, and representatives will be chosen to lead the sophomores and freshmen.

The ballot includes two tickets for the senior class.
Hagan Wells and John Janes and Lauren Palmer and Brock Vandgrift are campaigning to be the president and vice president of the 2018 graduating class.

The second place winner will hold the treasurer and secretary offices.

For the junior class, Olivia Montgomery and Sydney Miller, Quinton Boone and Lauren Brinegar, and Corey Terrell and Tanner Summers are competing for the president and vice
president positions.

The ticket with the second most votes for this group will hold representative positions.

When it comes to the sophomore and freshmen representative positions, the decision has already been made.

For both grades, a single candidate is running unopposed. Because of the lack of participation, there is no need for the underclassmen to vote.

Mya Railey will represent the sophomore class, and Ebony Ray will represent the freshmen.

The election will be held Dec. 11, with the results being announced Dec. 15, the last school day before break begins.

“I believe it is important that students feel their concerns are being received, understood, and addressed,” said Mr. Williamson, the teacher in charge. “In its most simple form, this is what student government does. Those elected should be the voice of their peers to administration and faculty that opens dialogue and develops solutions.”