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Dual Credit Classes Continue to Grow

Credit Where Credit is Due

Rebecca Eaves, Managing Editor

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It’s your first day of classes. You’re all moved in, you’ve bought your books, and you’re ready to face the next few years.

However, you have an advantage. You are starting college as a sophomore.

Thanks to the opportunities you had in high school, you were able to finish your freshman year of college while you were still a high school student.

For the past four years GRC has been working on giving students as many opportunities as possible to begin their college career while still finishing their high school career.

To achieve this, GRC has incorporated Dual Credit classes, offered by Morehead State University and the EKU Now program.

The EKU Now program and Dual Credit classes have many differences, but ultimately both routes help students earn college credit.

“If you’re going into Dual Credit you’re building your college resume, ” said Eric Osborn, testing coordinator. “You’re going to have college credit on your transcript with a grade.”

Taylor Hunt is a senior who is involved in the EKU Now program.

“I like dual credit and EKU Now because it has allowed me to experience college classes and get twice the credits,” said Hunt, who will graduate with 27 dual credit hours.

“If you are trying to shave off some of the time you spend in college, and save some money by doing Dual Credit, it would be to your advantage,” said Osborn.

By choosing Dual Credit, students earn three college credits in the time it takes another student to earn one high school credit.

The Dual Credit and EKU Now programs are recent additions to our school, but Advanced Placement classes have beena means to accumulate college credit for many years.

Students have been able to incorporate Dual Credit into their schedules along with AP.

To receive the collegecredit for an AP class, students must pass the AP exam, which costs $92.

Currently the state offers dual credit scholarships, which allow students to take two Dual Credit classes each year.

This year students were offered two free Dual Credit classes by KHEAA. Students who participate in EKU Now pay $56 per credit hour but some students were able to take their EKU classes for free.

The school is also working with the district to possibly help students pay for their textbooks.

“We’re trying to ease the burden as much as possible for students,” said Osborn.

This year students at GRC will earn 733 dual credits.

That includes the credits being earned through the dual credit classes taken at GRC and the classes being taken by 89 EKU Now students.

Anyone interested in participating in Dual Credit Classes or EKU Now should speak with their counselors or Mr. Osborn.

About the Writer
Rebecca Eaves, Managing Editor
Rebecca Eaves is a Senior and second-year Smoke Signals member. She watches the TV show Friends on repeat and loves the color blush pink.
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Dual Credit Classes Continue to Grow