“It” Brings Terror to All Who Watch

What Are You Afraid of?

Maddie Mann, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The rain pounds onto the concrete outside as the little boy chases his toy boat along the water streaming down the gutter. His yellow raincoat helping to keep him dry in storm.

The paper boat races ahead as the water picks up around the corner, and then disappears into a drain. He crouches down to peer into the opening, and is surprised to see eyes staring back at him.

In 1990, It struck fear in the hearts of a generation when Pennywise the Dancing Clown terrorized children on the television screen. A whole generation of people grew up with a fear of killer clowns.

Now, 27 years later, he returns on the big screen with a new look and an event more terrifying bag of tricks.

The made-over film features a new cast of young talents such as the youthful performances of rising actor Jaeden Lieberher and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard.

It is difficult to find great young actors to play roles in major motion pictures, but the fresh-faced stars prove their worth with emotionally driven portrayals of their characters. They were so heartfelt and humorous that I found myself chuckling more times than not.

On the other hand, Bill Skarsgard delivers a truly horrifying performance as the movie’s iconic antagonist. Every time he appeared on the screen, I couldn’t help but feel the hair on my arms rise. He brought such intensity to the role that my heart raced and I was shaking in my seat.

The overall plot of the movie was riveting to watch. It’s not just another scary movie, it focuses on the characters and their struggle to protect their town from harm.

The perfect balance of horror and comedy keeps viewers from having a heart attack, and the ending leaves them satisfied. I found myself peeking around corners expecting to see red balloons or Pennywise himself, the next day.

When it comes to the lasting impact, it doesn’t disappoint. It has all the qualifications to be the best horror movie of 2017, so be sure to check it out.