Former Player Takes New Approach as Brother’s Head Coach

Two Siblings. One-Love.


Caitlin and Isaac Graham.

Jordan Vallejo, Online Editor


Siblings fight, argue, and try their hardest to distinguish the differences between each other. Any indication of similarity is often times seen as embarrassing. Caitlin and Isaac Graham, however, aren’t afraid to say they have the same love for the game of tennis.

Older sister Caitlin not only served as a mentor for younger brother Isaac as they grew up together, but this season, she will continue to be his mentor on the tennis court as GRC’s new head coach.

Caitlin, a former GRC tennis player, has been associated with the sport since she was in middle school, but applying for the job as head coach didn’t come easy for her. “At first, I was really hesitant because I’ve never coached anything,” she says. “I decided to pray about it, and the more I thought about it, the more excited I got to have this opportunity.”

Caitlin not only expresses her anticipation to teach students about tennis and invest in their lives beyond the court, but she also feels gratification knowing her little brother will be with her the whole way through.

“Since coaching is a first for me, it makes me more comfortable having him there,” she says. “He helps me to be a better coach because I can always ask him how he thinks practice goes or if there are things I can improve on.”

Younger brother and freshman Isaac is also looking forward to his “getaway sport” with his sister. He believes this experience of having his sister as a coach will actually benefit both of their sports careers in the long run.

“Our love for tennis not only allows us to spend more time with each other, but makes us better players because we can practice with another all the time,” he says. “I know she expects a lot from me, and knowing that pushes me to my best.”

By the end of the season, Caitlin hopes to encourage the same love for GRC tennis in her brother and her other players as she had in high school.

“I hope to inspire him and all the other kids to step out of their comfort zones and to try new things,” she says. “You never know where you’re going to be led in life, but my hope is to teach them not to fear being led.”

Ultimately, Coach Graham realizes this opportunity to coach tennis will only help her and Isaac’s relationship to grow stronger. “Isaac and I have always been close,” she says, “so me being his sister and his coach is less of a burden, and more fun for both of us.”