Freshman Goes Distance, Claims First in State Indoor Track


Makenzie Cooper performs her long jump.

Laura Graves, Editor-In-Chief


16’2” jump. 5’4” girl. Makenzie Cooper won the indoor track state competition by producing a long jump that triples her height.

Cooper competed in three events at the state meet and brought home three very impressive titles: long jump state champion, hurdles runner-up, and 400 meter dash runner-up.

Freshman, Makenzie Cooper found success when she wasn’t even looking for it. “I decided to do indoor track because it gave me the opportunity to compete before the outdoor season starts,” she says.

After talking strategy with her coach, Cooper decided to enter three events that she felt confident competing in. “I pick my events on how my body feels overall and what areas I am trained in,” says Cooper.

Although the adrenaline of competing at such a high level made her nervous, she was able to center her concentration on the contest.

“During my meets, I am completely focused on what I have to get done,” she says “I have to trust myself to perform at the level I am ready to.”

Cooper says that even though she won long jump, the 400m dash competition was her favorite. “It’s the last event I do during a meet, so I get to go and give it my all,” she says.

Winning at the indoor meet was a huge success, but it is only the beginning for this freshman who is already working towards reaching new goals.

“Winning indoor state was exciting,” says Cooper, “but I’m mainly looking forward to the outdoor and bettering my performance.”