Athletic Complex Plans Moving Forward


Megan Rowe, Managing Editor


Core drilling is underway, detailed plans are on the table, and excitement is rising. The State Board of Education recently approved the final plans for GRC’s new gymnasium, clearing the way for the athletic complex construction.

Smoke Signals recently spoke to Supt. Paul Christy about the process.

Previous work

When building the school four years ago, partial underground work and mechanical rooms were completed in preparation for the construction of the competition gym and athletic complex. “A tremendous amount of planning went into the future competition gym when we built the original school,” said Christy. For example, a large window built into the current gym was designed to come out so large equipment can be moved through. “The things we have already done will save a lot of disruption and a lot of time,” said Christy.

Noise control

A construction manager will keep eyes and ears on the project while construction is occurring to limit disturbances during the school day. “If certain construction will be disruptive then we won’t do it until after 4 p.m,” said Christy. The auditorium is the only area that may have a little more noise because it is the closest to the new competition gym; however, two walls of the gym already are constructed so most of the work will be on the ground and the outside. The new competition gym and auxiliary gym will be connected with a new foyer. “The most noisy time will be when constructing the other two walls and making the connections inside the school,” said Christy, “ so we will plan that to happen during the summer months.”

Traffic flow

The biggest disruption will be with traffic flow. “We will have to be fluid with the traffic transition and just work with it as we go,” said Christy. “There will probably be times in the mornings and afternoons that we will stop construction and eliminate the possibility of any student or parent being in danger. We have a traffic plan in place but we still have some things we are working on.”

The March issue of Smoke Signals will include detailed drawings of the competition gym and athletic fields.

“Looking at the new drawings for the athletic complex gives me chills,” said Christy. “We have so much planned and I am excited to bring it back and show you.”