February Teacher Feature

Ms. Crowell

Derek Scott, Illustrator


Smoke Signals illustrator Derek Scott has created a new goal for himself. This school year, he wants to take on the challenge of getting to know some of our teachers so he can inform more people on the outstanding teachers we have throughout the building.


Most of the teachers I’ve interviewed always had a backup career plan in case it didn’t work out as a teacher. Not Ms. Crowell. Ever since the young age of 6, she knew she wanted to be a teacher and nothing else. Ms. Crowell grew up in a military family with her brother, who just recently made Major. This military background only fueled her urge to be a history teacher. She always told me that you can learn more about the future by looking at the past. I know that was in freshman year, but it always stuck. Everything she said to me stuck even when I took her psychology class. I felt like I stuck out in her class because we share a common interest in movies. We used to challenge each other in movie trivia until the bell rang. She was the first to show rather than tell that she cared. All she really wants in students is for them to be motivated by something other than a grade, but if she gets a student who fights against her teaching, she won’t give up on them. She said it’s the hardest thing for her to keep her composure with students like that, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be taught; it just means that their education is worth the struggle. I personally had Ms. Crowell for 3 out of the 4 years I’ve spent here and I wish I had the fourth year with her too, because I want to make a big impact on her the same way she did on me and many other students. Thank you, Ms. Crowell.