Struggling Through the Semester


Carson Kovalic, Editor-in-Chief




Carson Kovalic



Laziness. Fatigue. Over-excessive wearing of old T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and sweatshirts…

These are just a few of the many symptoms of senioritis, according to the very reliable “Urban Dictionary.”

Senioritis is quite contagious; many students are diagnosed within their last year of high school, and the condition only get worse as the year progresses.

Coming into the new semester is often most unpleasant for those with the devastating
disease; after a long winter break, teachers expect us to come back to school with a whole new attitude.

However, our long descent into laziness is unavoidable, even after two weeks of doing completely nothing.

Countless seniors cannot do their work assigned to them and often fall behind, leading to lower grades.

Despite the illness, seniors affected do not care about their plummeting grades and they continue on the downward path.

To emphasize, many look forward, and overpass the present as a way of coping with their last year. We don’t realize the time we are wishing away and everything at school becomes impertinent.

We have already been accepted into the college of our choice and no longer feel the need to worry about our grades.

Various scholarships have been awarded and rank becomes extraneous to everyone.

Many of us spend time watching Netflix or sleeping, habitually at school, as well as at home. The free time we have available is never utilized and is always wasted.

We have a hard time focusing on the tasks in front of us. Our attention repeatedly goes to our phones, which provide irrelevant information that seems to provoke interest.

Of course senioritis has plagued students for a long time; we expect our last year to be laid back and nonchalant because that is what society has led each of us to believe.

We continuously frustrate teachers and parents that feel education is important until the very end.

Nonetheless, we carry on ignoring what our instructors have to say and avoid doing work at all costs.

The only known cure is the phenomenon known as “Graduation.”