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Mr. Toy shows how to Lead the Way as year one winds up

Photo by Emmie Rose
Principal Luke Toy

Principal Luke Toy is completing his first year as GRC principal. Editor-in-Chief Emmie Rose visited with Mr. Toy for an informative Q&A.


Now that we’re in the final 9 weeks, is there anything you would like to highlight more at GRC?

“100% our kids. We do awesome stuff in every single department that we have in this building. And I really feel like that’s something we should do a better job of highlighting. You guys are creating and doing amazing stuff all day long.”

Other than your office, where’s your favorite place to be at GRC?

“I really don’t like to be in my office. Sometimes it’s necessary, but being in classrooms is my favorite. There are times when I am meeting with a group of students and people point out how happy I am. I just love being able to hang out with you guys!”

How do you think the students/staff have adjusted from the changes of rules and expectations this past semester?

“Our students have really taken to some of the new rules and changes and done pretty well with it. And the staff here has been really patient with some of those new adjustments and willing to accept the newness of the administrative staff.”

What are the top three items on your bucket list?

“I want to go hang gliding one day. I don’t know if I will fit on a hang glider, but I will try. My son and I both would love to go out west and go hunt for elk, or an African safari. Any of that would be awesome.”

How can the comradery be improved around the school and student body?

“Definitely, inclusive activities and team building exercises within the building. Celebrating diversity is also something I would love to see. We have so many different talented groups of students with many achievements we should celebrate more.”

What’s your favorite joke to tell to break the ice?

“How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it. How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way… I love dad jokes. They’re so stupid, you just have to laugh.”

What’s the most useful advice you can give to a student?

“Be kind and work hard. If you can do those two things in life, you will be successful. I don’t care if you’re a mechanic or a marine biologist, being able to have relationships is about 80% of your life. There’s very few jobs out there that you don’t have to interact with anyone. Be kind to others and always push yourself to work hard.”

What’s your best memory from the first semester?

“The Difference Maker Dinner for sure. I loved getting to hear from our seniors and listen to the impacts their past teachers made. Specifically when Brad Crowe volunteered to pray before the dinner began; that moment really stuck out to me.”

What strengths has our new admin team brought to GRC?

“Our new admin team works hard. They’re busy all day long trying to make George Rogers Clark High School better, and they’re accountable. They’ve got it under control.”

Tell us a little about your musical hobbies?

“Back in the day, I used to go out and play a lot. I have a brother who is super talented; I just fake it. Drum set is my favorite, but I also play bass and guitar. We grew up with my dad playing drums. So in our house, some kind of instrument was being played constantly.”

What has surprised you most this school year?

“Really how excellent everybody is. I came into this position already expecting excellence, but our school has exceeded my expectations.We really rock it out in a lot of places and lead the way, which is awesome.”

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