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Student, teacher share 5 best qualities of a teacher, student

Graphic by Eli Roach

For a high school experience to be successful and enjoyable, a good connection between teachers and students is imperative.

There are some qualities that both students and teachers can work on to make this connection strong and efficient. I had an experienced GRC teacher and graduate assist me with this list.

5 qualities of a great teacher – Eli Roach

Teachers are very admirable people. Teaching us students is by no means an easy task. Every teacher at GRC is admirable because they all strive to leave an impact on our life, regardless of who we are. There are many things that make a teacher great, but I’m going to do my best to list a few of the ones I find Important.

I think one aspect of a great teacher is that they love their students. They don’t just teach to teach, but they teach to better their students. Also, if they see a student that seems off, they will approach them, and ask why they are acting down. A great teacher won’t just teach you but they’ll try to mentor you in life too. They want to have a relationship with each individual student. This is a very difficult task for teachers because of the amount of students they will see in a day, but even attempting to know each student individually makes them a great teacher.

Another aspect of a great teacher is that they have a sense of humor. This sounds a little bit unnecessary for a teacher but it means a lot for a student just to have a laugh sometimes. Personally I think this is the easiest way for a teacher to make a difference for a student. When you’re having a bad day or stressing about a big assignment, comedic relief is always helpful. Especially from a teacher, because it is more rare that they will crack a joke.

Another aspect of a great teacher is how well they teach their content. A great teacher will use many methods to cover their content and keep their students engaged. This is very simple, but I think a teacher that knows the amount of projects and assignments they need to give to deliver their content is a great teacher. Finding the balance between too much and not enough work must be a difficult task for teachers.

Moreover, a great teacher will tell you things about themselves too. After all, relationships can’t work if they’re one sided. No one talks about it, but when a teacher tells you about their life, it makes you realize that they are human, too, and they have things that they’re dealing with also. As students, this also makes us realize that how we act can have an impact on teachers. For instance, if they are having a rough day or are going through something, we can be supportive and/or just be more cooperative and hard working.

Finally, the last aspect on this list is that they are welcoming and happy. Whether a student will admit it or not, if a teacher acts upbeat and inviting, it can make an impact on our day. Just a simple act like giving us a high 5 when we walk in can change a student’s mood for the better. When a teacher invites you into their classroom, you are more likely to enjoy your time there. A great teacher will do their best to make the student want to be in the classroom.

5 qualities of a great student – Mrs. Newton

Although there are numerous characteristics that a great student possesses, there are obviously ones that take precedence over others.

Even if a student can aim to at least be proficient in certain areas, it would make both the teacher and the student’s classroom experience more effective and even more enjoyable.

The first characteristic that every great student portrays is communication. A good student will communicate when he or she doesn’t understand the content or the assignment. When students communicate properly, the teacher isn’t left in the dark when there is information the student doesn’t understand. Additionally, when students communicate by participating in class discussions, learning happens at a much higher rate because the students are involved in the lesson’s content.

Another characteristic that is essential for great students is time management. Especially in high school, students have several responsibilities outside of the classroom such as school sports, jobs, taking care of family members, etc. With so much to juggle, it’s imperative that students observe proper time management in order to complete class work while taking care of other responsibilities outside of school.

Great students also demonstrate motivation. A teacher can beg and plead for a student to complete assignments, but it’s like the phrase “You can lead the horse to water but can’t force it to drink it.” Students need to understand the importance of completing course work because it all leads to the coveted diploma they all want to hold in their hands. Keep your eyes on the prize, Kiddos!

When identifying the characteristics of a great student, integrity has to make it on the list. There are far too many instances when students will rely on a friend or classmate to help them finish various assignments. Teachers don’t need to know what one student knows twice; we want original ideas from each student! Plus, it helps teachers identify which students may need additional help in order to grasp a particular concept. A teacher would rather have a student come to him or her and say, “I don’t understand this at all.” At least then, the teacher can provide scaffolding to help the student understand the material. Plus, cheating is a blemish on one’s character, so let’s avoid those circumstances. And if a student simply forgot to complete an assignment, he or she has a much better chance of avoiding an IC flag marked “Ch” for cheating. Teachers can be understanding, so be honest!

Additionally, a great student demonstrates persistence. Whether it be completing a big assignment or just trying to survive the last class of the day, persistence is a tool that can keep students on track and focused to complete their work and participate in classes.  Simply going through the motions doesn’t mean a student is “present!”




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